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Dodgy Games is a public access about Kris, a kid who plays videogames 24/7. One day Kris stumbles upon Dodgy Dave, a salesman who just gives videogames away. The twist is that the videogames Kris recieves from Dave are either play on words or not quite what it is suposed to be. Then when Kris decides to get tech support the support guys are parodys of gamers through time.


In 2009 Ross Elliott and EVM Productions were working on Season 2 of their public access show "Wingman" when the plot of Dodgy Games came about. The original plot of Dodgy Games was actually called "Sunsun Good Game Yes?" and was about a bunch of Dodgy pirating software techs would make rip offs of games and sell them on the street. The plot mainly focused on the IT side of the show but Ross slowly leaned towards the idea of not knowing where the games came from and focused more on the relationship between Dodgy Dave and the customer Kris.

The original script for Season 1 of Dodgy Games was devised throughout May of 2009 and shot in June over four days. Ross only intended it to be a small skit series to hold over fans while they worked on their 2009 skit series EVM Skits. Once completed and released in May

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